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Avocado oil: What is avocado oil good for?

Avocado oil; what are the benefits? Composition and calorie content of fruit oils. Valuable properties, possible contraindications. How to use avocado oil, recipes. Interesting facts. Avocado oil is not only a cosmetically active product but also a cold-pressed food. It is interesting that the pulp of the plant is used as raw material, not the seeds. Even the ancient Indians considered the fruit a source of...

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Olives: What are the benefits of eating olives?

Olives are the fruit of the European olive tree. Since ancient times, the culture has been cultivated to produce olive oil; it does not exist in nature. The homeland of the plant is the Mediterranean Sea. Today, olives are grown in many countries, including Russia – mainly can find trees in our country on the Black Sea coast. The fruit is a slightly elongated oval drupe....

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Pomegranate: Good for health.

Pomegranate is a fruit that is very rich in nutrients. September is one of my favorite months because the most colorful, delicious and delirious fruits occur. It is the case of the pomegranate, a fruit that adds life and flavor to the chiles. Take advantage of September to enjoy these delicacies and the powerful benefits of fruits seeds:  Improves the Appearance of the Skin Being a...