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Olives: What are the benefits of eating olives?

Olives are the fruit of the European olive tree. Since ancient times, the culture has been cultivated to produce olive oil; it does not exist in nature. The homeland of the plant is the Mediterranean Sea. Today, olives are grown in many countries, including Russia – mainly can find trees in our country on the Black Sea coast. The fruit is a slightly elongated oval drupe....

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Sugar apple: What are the benefits of sugar apple?

Sugar apple read about an exotic fruit called sugar apple or, in Thai – Noi Na. How to eat it, valuable properties, and calorie content. Also, harm from overeating sugar apples. Custard Apple or “Sugar Apple” (Lat. Annona squamosa) is a green fruit of the Annonaceae family. The Thai name is Noi Na (noinah). In India, it is called Sharifa. In China, it is fan-li-chi, ati...

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Potatoes: Benefits and harms

Potatoes can be used in your diet and what benefits does this type of carbohydrate have in sports. Today, potatoes are the most familiar food that is constantly used in the diet. At the same time, this is a rather unique product, which people call the second bread for a reason. It has the perfect composition and can be used for a long time without the...