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The Native Fruit of Virginia 0

What is the native fruit of Virginia?

Virginia, a historic state in the United States southeastern region, boasts a rich natural heritage. The state has numerous treasures, from scenic landscapes to diverse flora and fauna. Among these treasures is a unique and delectable fruit that holds a special place in Virginia’s history—the pawpaw. While not as widely known as some fruits, the pawpaw has deep roots in the region, earning it the title...

Daikon 0

Daikon-Growing and agricultural

 Daikon, how is it growing? Useful and consumer properties. Best varieties of Japanese radish and planting dates. Agrotechnics for growing daikon, care properties, harvest. Daikon is a root vegetable from the cabbage family. It is popular in Japan and has grown for over a thousand years. Due to its many valuable properties and pleasant taste, Japanese radishes are produced in other countries, including Russia. Active work...