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sensible sea foodThe Sensible Seafood™ Program promotes ocean-friendly seafood.Sensible seafood comes from local and sustainable sources that are not over-fished or harvested in environmentally destructive ways. Our Sensible Seafood™ pocket guide helps consumers make sustainable seafood choices while our growing list of partner restaurants and seafood businesses strive to offer sensible seafood options. Working together we can ensure that today’s sensible choices will be available on tomorrow’s seafood menus.

Taste Virginia Tours
Dedicated to all things local, let Taste Virginia take you safely from farms to restaurants to wineries and breweries. Choose from our set tours or contact us to put together a custom tour for your group. All of our tours can be customized from our partner venues on our regular route to fit you and your group’s needs. Taste Tidewater Tours are so much more than your typical pub crawl. Learn about wine and craft beer from the locals who make it!

HomeAdvisor is a digital marketplace that connects homeowners with prescreened, local service professionals to complete home improvement, maintenance and remodeling projects.

Nutrition for a LifetimeNutrition for a Lifetime
Helping people live a healthy, disease free life through the use of whole plant-based foods.



Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry offers comprehensive dentist services and personal attention that sets them apart from other dentists in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.

Natural Balance SpaNatural Balance Spa brings therapeutic spa services and yoga under one roof, making it a true destination for balance and relaxation. By combining these elements Natural Balance provides clients with a holistic experience that promotes complete mind and body rejuvenation. At Natural Balance we facilitate wellness through massage, body treatments, and a full range of yoga classes.

Holistic Family Practice provides affordable, natural health care for all those seeking alternatives to conventional practices.

Culinary Institute of Virginia
2428 Almeda Ave,
Norfolk, VA 23513

Culinary Institute of Virginia houses a passionate community of students and educators. Under the guidance of experienced chefs, students receive rigorous, hands-on education, learning both the art and science of food.
At the Culinary Institute of Virginia, College of Culinary Arts of ECPI University, we strive to admit only the most dedicated and committed students. We adhere to selective enrollment standards designed to help you choose the program that best matches your interests and professional goals.

Since 1995, Enter.Net Inc. has been a technology leader in Lehigh Valley, PA focusing on the sales and service of Web Design, Marketing, and Internet Technologies to clients in the tri-state area and nationwide.

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